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How to reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Serie A

How to reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Serie A 3

mobiles6.com We are help you to hard reset your phone
Here’s the tutorial to solve the problems of your device & To unlock the device when you forgot Pattern,Pin,Password,& Fingerprint.
NOTICE: before you start to hard reset your phone, do the backup of your personal data.

Notice : This method is applicable  to all Samsung Galaxy Serie A (A3-A5-A7-A8-A9).

1.First get switch off your device by holding the Power key for a few Time.

1-A7 2016 Gold-1-600x600-500x500


2.Puch  and hold together: Volume Up + Home + Power button for a couple of seconds.

2-A7 2016 Gold-1-600x600-500x500



3.Get release held keys when the Samsung Logo appears on the phone’s screen.

4.After that tap to “wipe data / factory reset” using Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to confirm.


5.After that choose “Yes — delete all user data” to confirm the whole operation.


6.After the Recovery Mode menu appears again select option “reboot system now“.


7.Congratulation ! The hard reset has been performed .